Range Rover Evoque And Its Power Of Presence

The Range Rover Evoque is one of the most widely appreciated launches from Land Rover. It can be defined as a trendy coup like crossover that assures an amazingly updated performance. It’s a premium lightweight model thanks to the comprehensive usage of aluminum in the suspension and body panels as well as plastics in its body. Are you eager to know more about the Range Rover Evoque? The post here might come handy for you as it lays down a short note on the features and specification of the very powerful Range Rover Evoque.

To start with, the Range Rover Evoque has been designed keeping in mind the trendy youthful choices of cars in the present automobile market.  The SUV looks smashing with its wedgier waistline and sleek side & rear windows. The trimmed down angular style flaunted by the car makes it stand out as an exotic phenomenon in the existing scene of off-road cars. 

The Range Rover Evoque is backed with turbocharged 4-cylinder 2.2 l diesel engine which produces a decent 187 horsepower. The car delivers 310 pound feet of torque and can run at a maximum sped of 121 mph.  The Evoque carries Land Rover’s own Terrain Response mechanism that affects not just the reaction of hardware & stability software to varied road surfaces yet the degree of accelerator movement required for progression. You are promised of a smooth and clean response. The car assures a 9-speed auto transmission replacing the earlier 6-spped option that further guarantees great fuel economy. 

The car rides on 19” wheels & tires and promises a truly comfortable ride. The crossover is pretty compact with wide cargo & passenger area. You will be having spacey front seats and the Evoque is a wonderful car to ride on with family and friends. It’s to mention here that the new Land Rover model is available in 3-door & 5-door models. There are 5 variations of 5-door model while the 3-door coupe edition comes with 3 variants. The price of the car ranges from 41,995 USD to 53,095 USD.