Seventh generation Corvette

The seventh generation is a more aggressive one when compared to the previous generations. The front portion is devoid of the parking lights and it is also energized by the sharp edge. It is clearly defined by the prominent bulge and the hard edges. The body’s flanks are defined by the character lines which is totally a different one from the previous versions. Presence of roofline arcs meets the rear spoiler which is present in that of the sixth version. The entire body of the car is made up of sheet molded fiberglass body made up of carbon fiber hood along with the roof panels. The carbon nano composite underbody panels are more than thirty-five which are lighter than the sixth version. The wheelbase is about one inch longer compared to the sixth version and the wider track gives a feel of high speed. Here two seat choices are offered and the steering wheel is lesser than fifteen-inch diameter compared with that of the previous model. In the subject of the wraparound configuration, the optional carbon fiber and the real aluminum is combined with the plastic.