Sixth generation Corvette

In the year 2005, the sixth generation of the Corvette came into existence and the entire body of the car was redesigned including the interior part. The engine capacity is about six liters with an output of 400 hp. It has the fixed headlights and the front engine rear transmission is same that of the fifth version. The rear area part of this version was reduced and the overall length was reduced by about five inches. Here there is no any suspension component and the folks have the choice of buying the standard base suspension package. The door lock system and the push button start are controlled with the aid of the key fob. There are about five exterior paint colors are available such LeMand Blue, Millennium Yellow, Magnetic Red, Velocity Yellow including the Monterey Red. This generation is a computer controlled miracle machines. They need a complete electronic diagnostic trusted Corvette mechanic. On the other side of the flip, a certified Chevy Technician can also handle any complicated issues. These cars faster when compared with the others on the road and hence the brake systems are the harder one. The tires wear down a lot faster compared to a civic one.