Top 3 Fastest Road Cars Of All Times

Are you a speed maniac looking for the fastest road cars of the world? Well, a speedy drive is always thrilling and the most loved by the adventurous drivers. The good bit is that there are a great lot of high-paced road cars adorning the global automobile market and the post here is a brief on 3 of the fastest road cars of all times.

SC Ultimate Aero

The SC Ultimate Aero is a release from the leading American auto manufacturer Shelby SuperCars. It’s a very popular high performance mid-engined sports car that holds the rare honor of carrying the prestigious title of “fastest car of the world” for over 3 years! The car has been engineered with a double turbo V8 engine that produces around 1183 horsepower. It’s to stress here that the SC Ultimate Aero even holds a coveted stature in the Guiness Book. In regards to speed, Ultimate Aero impresses its riders with an astonishing 256.19 m/hr speed. The car costs around 435,000 pounds.

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

This is another most sought after names when it comes to the speediest cars of the world. The S7 Twin Turbo is an upgraded edition of S7 that came up around 2005-06. The car is armed with a 7.0 l mid mounted pushrod V8 engine, upgraded with double Garrett turbochargers. The car produces around 5.5 psi of boost and comes up with a superb 750 horsepower capacity at nearly 6300 rpm. The optimum torque here is nearly 700 pound feet at around 4800 rpm. Its rear and front diffusers as well as rear spoiler have received much rework to enhance the downforce by say 60 percent. The car runs at a speed of 248 mph.

Koenigsegg CCX

The CCX is a much acknowledged release from the famous Swedish auto maker Koenigsegg. The car comes armed with 4.7 l V8 twin-supercharged engine. That produces 806 bhp and delivers 678 pound feet of torque. The car runs at a speed of 245 mph. A great bit about the car is its amazing 2600 lb lightweight design thanks to the all carbon body & chassis of the model.