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The SUVs are a quite a rage these among the car aficionados. This car-based crossover has duly filled in the rising demand for the utility vehicles thanks to its truck like functionality smartly conjoined with carlike comfort & fuel economy facilities. Are you too planning to have your own SUV this year and looking for suggestions. Well, the post below presents a brief guide on factors to look for while finding the ideal SUV which is followed by recommendations on top SUVs of 2020.

Tips while buying a SUV

Your chosen SUV must offer convenient seating for minimum 5 passengers with adequate legroom for the full-sized adults. Adjustment within the car must be possible for sufficient cargo capacity. The compact SUVs usually check in with 4 & 6 cylinder engines while the 6 cylinder is standard in mid-sized SUVs along with 4 & 8 cylinder options. The full-sized vehicles are available with V8 engines offering 12 -20 mpg. The 4 cylinder option is the most cost-effective providing combined mileage from low to the mid 20s and 6 cylinder cars average in upper teens. Be careful of necessary safety features in your vehicle such as airbags on front-seat, antilock brakes, stability control, side curtain full-length airbags, knee airbags, parking sensors and rearview cameras. The price of SUVs starts from below 20K USD and can go beyond 100,000 USD for luxury models.

Top SUVs for 2020

  • Honda CR-V– It’s perfect for the small families. The generous interior design of the car makes convenient space for both passengers and cargo. You will love its thoughtful portfolio & excellent safety presence as well as the promise of great fuel economy. The car comes under 25,000 USD.
  • GMC Acadia– It’s fondly dubbed as classic American vehicle given its strong stress on refinement and comfort. The big 8 passenger car comes with optional AWD that makes it a favorable choice to conveniently rise through all inclement conditions. It comes under 34,000 USD. 
  • BMW X-3– It makes an appealing choice for those on the lookout of cost-effective luxury SUVs. The BMW is pretty impressive with its marvelous 4 cylinder turbocharged engine that offers 300 hp. The car assures AWD & enhanced fuel efficiency. It comes under 40,000 USD.