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The smart car owners are always on the spree to customize their cars getting them beyond the manufacturer’s abilities for improved vehicle performance or enhanced fuel efficiency. The custom wheels occupy a high placement in the list of customizable projects regarding the car. In simple words, the custom wheels are referred to those wheels that have either replaced manufacturer’s standard or have been modified above the manufacturer’s standard. The automobile market is well packed with a versatile range of customized wheels for regular cars, trucks and motorcycles as well. 

It’s interesting to note that the custom wheels were first introduced by racing car drivers long back in 1950s & 60s. The yesteryear smart racing car drivers came up with lightweight magnesium wheels that helped to reduce the overall weight of the car facilitating better performance on track. However, these customized magnesium wheels were too fragile for everyday cars. Thus, the contemporary auto scene has checked in with lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy custom wheels which back up the car with improved strength without compromising on the lightness. 

As custom wheels help to reduce weight of the car, it further helps in securing improved acceleration & braking. Then, alloy customized wheels have proved to reduce tire rollover and tire deflection. The 5 spoke & 6 spoke customized wheels feature an open design that allows better flow of air over brakes leading to cooler brakes. It’s interesting to note that the trendy custom wheels are available in a wealth of finishes. Chrome is the most dominant for customized wheel finishing and you will be getting painted and polished custom wheels as well. The chrome wheels are offered in either conventional chrome plating or the edgy PVD chrome. The PVD chrome custom wheels are guarded with clear coat & are very popular in a number of wheel companies. Polished wheels lack this clear coat & are vulnerable to oxidation that keeps them in demand for frequent re-polishing. You will find the painted wheels in a wide range of colors and these are shielded with clear coat akin to chrome options. Silver & black are mostly common for painted finishes- some of the painted custom wheels even feature machined surface.