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Tyres constitute one of the most significant aspects of your car and any problem here would hugely affect your steam’s performance. Thus, it’s always suggested that you opt for the best of tyre brands. The article here is a short brief on top 10 tyre brands in the world.

  • Brigestone- Check any list on global tire companies and you will find Bridgestone topping the roster everywhere. The Nippon tyre giant is being hailed as the #1 in tyre manufacturing globally for 5 times in a row.
  • Michelin- Next in the line is the French tyre manufacturer Michelin which is based in Clermont-Ferrand. It’s the owner of famous brands like Uniroyal and BF Goodrich and holds a revenue of 21.47 billion USD.
  • Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company- It’s America’s largest car manufacturer founded in the year 1898. The company has been christened after vulcanized rubber inventor Charles Goodyear. The company holds a revenue of around 18.832 billion USD.
  • Continnetal AG- The esteemed German tyre manufacturer is a prominent name in the automobile industry for its versatile inventory of varied auto parts of which tyres are the most prominent. It holds a revenue of around 32. 7 billion.
  • Pirelli- The major Italian tyre manufacturer is the 5th biggest tyre manufacturers in the world. The company has been endowed with the exclusive honor of supplying tyres for F1 Championship since 2011 to 2018 & FIM World Superbike Championship.
  • Sumitomo Rubber Industries- It’s the 2nd largest tyre manufacturer from The Land of Rising Sun. The company is in a collaborative venture with Goodyear.
  • Yokohama Rubber- the Tokyo based leading Nippon tyre manufacturer was founded in 1917. The company supplies tyre for IMSTA GT3 Cup Challenge, World Touring Car Championship & F3 Macau Grand Prix Intercontinental Cup Race.
  • Hankook Tire- It’s an esteemed tire manufacturer from South Korea. The company is chiefly famous for radial tire & bias-ply tire.
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Company- the prestigious US tire manufacturer holds forte in manufacturing of the replacement automobile & truck tires. 
  • Cheng Shin Rubber Industry- The esteemed Taiwan tyre manufacturer is especially regarded for its MAXXIS tyre label.